MACTEC focus on the automotive solutions of which has 2 subsidiary service provisions covering

label  MACTEC Race Shop offers the most comprehensive range of services for high performance car.Operating as an exclusive distributor for more than 15 auto part brands including ARIAS PISTONS, Torco, Brian Crower, TiAL Sport, Deatsch Werks, NOS, Aim Sport and etc., as a dealer of MODIFICATION PARTS from other brands with more than 1,000 items available stock and as a provider of AUTO PERFORMANCE & ENGINE TUNING DEVISES for racing race, tuning car boat or jet ski, we are passionate about high performance.

For specialist outlook or more information, reach me at 087-444-4999 (Mac) or e-mail: or Facebook fanpage: Mactec Raceshop

label  MACTEC Auto parts is an importer and distributer of AUTO PARTS and PERFORMANCE PARTS for super car and imported car such as Lamboroghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi R8, Mini and etc. We are able to serve you within only 15 days with very attractive price. (much faster and cheaper than showroom). We guarantee that every item is original (OEM) as we have numerous reputable suppliers from Germany.

For further information or price quotation, don’t hesitate to contact 089-317-4444 (Arm) or e-mail: Facbook fanpage : Mactec Auto Parts

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